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In collaboration with Jaber Theatre & Set Design, BoxHeart worked as Concept Designers and scenic artists to design, fabricate, paint, and install the interactive set for Live! Dora's Pirate Adventure.


Presented by the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh during the summer of 2011, this hour long performance featured all the favorite characters from the Nickelodeon hit show including Dora, Diego, Boots, and Swiper!




Creative design with artwork transforms the environments in which we live, play, and work. Artwork is very much a living thing. Aware of its' surroundings, when chosen with care and inspiration, it will make your environment sing!


Concept Design is a generative process that employs various artwork scenarios for the client's selection. Client's are presented with options that visually give voice to the art project in a range of artistic styles, medias, and techniques.


We involve all of the project's stakeholders in this collaborative and fun process.