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As curators, Mox Box works to present exhibitions that:


- SYMBOLIZE the region's renewal and signal the City's strong and vital creative presence.


- CELEBRATE the future of Pittsburgh and its' remarkable tradition of technological achievement and innovation.


- ESTABLISH a standard of aesthetics and execution commensurate with the excellence of architectural design.


- RESPOND to issues of local context and civic engagement.






Mox Box provides curatorial assistance to other independent galleries, organizations, and museums interested in hosting well developed and community integrated art exhibitions.


The practice of contemporary art is dynamic. Mox Box understands the complex administration of art institutions and the necessity of foundation grants to implement art projects.


Whether you are an individual artist that requires a curator to produce an exhibition for a specific location, or an arts organization in need of supplemental curatorial help, we can guide you through the entire process or assist with selected portions of the task.