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Mox Box actively seeks direction from the client, as they have been integrally involved in the project long before our arrival.


Evaluation is integrated into the art project early in the planning process by engaging stakeholders and clearly establishing goals.


Part of the evaluation process involves identifying measurable artistic, social, environmental, and economic indicators that will inform the art project.











Mox Box Consulting strives to broaden the audience for contemporary art to include the widest possible community without diluting the art project's aesthetic appeal.


The evaluation process of an art project is the final and most important part of the art project. Evaluation ensures that the art project met our client's goals, can be efficiently maintained, positively defined the character of the community, and continues to serve as a resource for education, recreation, and enterprise.


Evaluation reports may be used to acquire additional funding for future art projects or may be used to publicize the art project to the community.