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6/6/3 rings

by Dee Briggs, Dee Briggs Studio


Carbon steel ceiling mounted sculpture in The Center for Sustainable Landscapes


Installation Team:

Phipps Conservatory, Atlantic Engineering Services, Dee Briggs Studio, Mendel Steel, and BoxHeart.


photo by Paul g. Wiegman




Mox Box is well skilled in the art installation process!


Whether your art project requires a quick trip to your home to install newly purchased artwork or your project is large scale and requires transport, design, installation, and lightly adjustments, Mox Box welcomes the opportunity to assist in your art installation needs. We are also a proud partner with Art Installer Network, working collaboratively to bring your life to your project.


BoxHeart Gallery has installed hundreds of exhibits - in various settings. From exhibits at The Pittsburgh International Airport and The Center for Sustainable Landscapes to BoxHeart's physical gallery, we know how to get the art on the wall!